mercredi 25 janvier 2012

want.. need... desire...

Meditation: The Longing I want... I need... I desire... I want to live fully. I want to love fully. I need to break out of conventions and the prison built around me. I need to take responsibility for my beliefs, my faith, my life! I want to quit my job and start writing and travelling. I want to grow fruit and vegetables and live by the land I own. I want my children to grow up honourable, free human beings. I want to love my husband as he deserves to be loved. I want to love my children as they deserve to be loved. I need to earn money in order to live. I need a lot less than I spend. I want to celebrate the seasons with people of all confessions. I want to connect with people from all sorts of backgrounds. I want to be open and honest, upright and straight. I want to bring healing and comfort to people who need that. I need to accept my shortcomings. I need to learn so much. I desire to be a Ceile De. I desire to enter the mystery and touch the face of the Beloved. I want to lose control, give up control. I need to losen up those muscles that knot since yesterday. I need to understand that they express my underlying sentiments, ever since I took notice of them yesterday.


Lifting A burden on my shoulders Where does it come from? Why is it there? When will it lift? Dark Heavy Seeping into my soul Leaden Stifling Weighing me down Fog on the mountains Where does it come from? Why is it there? When will it lift? Grey Heavy Seeping into my soul Whispy Tender Pushing me gently Wind in the tree tops Where does it come from? Why is it there? When will it turn? Invisible Strong Blowing into my soul Cold Envigorating Stirring my blood Waves on the ocean Where do they come from? Why are they here? What is their song? Blue Green Seeping into my soul Foamy Thundering Washing my heart Change is on its way Can you smell it? Can you taste it? The fog The wind The waves` Whisper Change
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