mardi 25 novembre 2008


Silent night
Holy night
The world holds her breath
All is so quiet
Darkness envelopes gently all living things
Not a sound
Not a sigh
Stars high above walk their silvery paths
Like crystalline drops of moonlight
We are waiting
Our hearts know
What our eyes shall see
And our souls will touch
The minute seed of light
Born of love

jeudi 20 novembre 2008


Soft sounds from far away
Quiet quivers of the trees
Nine notes embracing the clay
Willowy whispers on a breeze

Heavenly harmony of body and soul
Vibrating voices from beyond time
Terrestrial tunes rich and low
Eternal echoes in a sigh

mercredi 19 novembre 2008

Shades of Grey

Grey mist, ghostly amongst the trees
White clouds, whirling across the sky
Leaden sun, lingering on the horizon
Silver Moon, shedding her light
Crystaline raindrops, clinging to the grass
Slate roofs, shimmering wet
Mercury starlight, mingeling with the breeze
Pale faces peering out of pools
Metallic liquid moonstruck in the stream

mercredi 20 août 2008

End of summer

The sun is a little lower in the sky
But every evening it paints the clouds
In all hues of red and orange

The fields are golden and full of grain
But the harvest is under way
Every hand is helping

The air is a little colder in the morning
But the evenings are mild
Full of memories and joy

Life has slowed down a little
But it is more intense
Full of joyful memories
Full of harvest promises
Full of colours and sunshine

mercredi 2 juillet 2008


A fragrant wood fire, burning slowly
All through the night
A rose opening its petals, one by one
At the touch of the first rays of sunlight
A blackbird singing on top of the roof
Jubilant songs into the azure sky

The sound of raindrops falling on the ground
Echoing amongst the trees
The smell of wet leaves and forest soil
Rising slowly up and up
The gentle touch of a fresh breeze
On my skin and in my hair

The warmth of your hand in mine
Says you are there
The sound of your voice
Tells me of your presence
The light in your eyes
Reflects in my heart

mercredi 11 juin 2008

Eye of the storm

The wind gets up and blows into my face
Waves grow bigger and rock my boat
A storm on the horizon
The elements unleashed are hard to brave
Like an iron fist, fear grips my throat
Tears in my eyes, frozen
I fall on my knees, slip further down
Waves wash over me, I start to drown
My sight blurs
My head hurts
Lungs burst
I am in the eye of the storm
Carried by the gentle rocking swell
Caressed by the warm flowing breeze
Comforted by the whisper in my ear
In every storm there is calm
Find it in your heart
Find it in your mind
Stay there
And you will never be out of balance again

mardi 10 juin 2008


Floating on a warm summer breeze
Eternally rising and falling with the wind
Adventurously plunging in the deep
Tediously balancing on a stream of hot air
Happily watching the fields from up high
Eagerly spiralling upwards
Rejoicing in the bright sunlight

vendredi 30 mai 2008


Hidden by a thick curtain of water
Ducking behind rocks
Peeping out carefully
Sheltering under bushes
Eyes bright between green leaves
Flitting from tree to tree
Crouching in the grass
Disappearing in a ray of sunlight

Growing in the womb of time
Unfolding senses one by one
Trying out slender limbs
Breathing slowly
Opening eyes of the heart
Stretching out hands
Gaining consciousness

I am

lundi 26 mai 2008


Windows of my house
Glittering in the sun
Letting you glimpse
A fragment of my life

Windows of the soul
Full of laughter
Sending rays of sunshine
Into the world

Windows of the soul
Full of tears
Hiding desperately
The darkness inside

Windows of the world
Endless possibilities
To get lost or to find
Windows of the soul

mercredi 21 mai 2008

Sireadh Thall

Seek beyond creation's veil
Seek beyond
Look upon the sky so pale
Seek beyond
Search behind the clouds of your mind
Seek beyond
Seek and rest not until you find
Seek beyond
Gaze into a candle's flame
Seek beyond
Pierce through the secret's realm
Seek beyond
Patiently walk slowly on
Seek beyond
Spirit as your companion
Seek beyond


A brisk breeze blows over bright blue blossoms
Bird song soars straight into the silent sky
Delicate clouds drift dreamily into a dawning day
Sweet spring sends sundry greetings

Bees buzz busily in the blistering heat
Frogs frolic freely in fair forest pools
Red roses reluctantly reach out ruby fingers
Strong summer scents flavour the streets

Murky mists mingle mind and matter
Squirrels swiftly slip savoury nuts in storage
Hazelmice harvest honey hued hay
Autumn gives generous golden green gifts

Snow showers send streams of silent flakes
Bold bats brave bleak barren beacons
Harpers hail heaven with heroic hymns
Winter waves waxen white hands

mardi 20 mai 2008

Here... there...

Beneath the surface tiny bubbles
Between rays of sunlight specks of dust
Above the clouds eagles
Beyond the horizon flickering stars

Beneath the surface fear
Between rays of sunlight joy
Above the clouds freedom
Beyond the horizon home

Beneath the surface my heart
Between rays of sunlight my soul
Above the clouds my spirit
Beyond the horizon new territories

My Soul

My soul is a mirror, reflecting your image
My soul is a sponge, absorbing your love
My soul is a candle, burning quietly

My soul is a falcon, flying high
My soul is a swallow, sailing on the breeze
My soul is an eagle, soaring heavenwards

My soul is a wolf, prowling in the dark
My soul is a lion, tracking its prey
My soul is a bear, eating honey

My soul is a river, filling his bed
My soul is a creek, dancing over rocks
My soul is the ocean, ebbing, flowing

My soul is a cloud, moving slowly
My soul is a shadow, following your movements
My soul is twilight, time between times

My soul is ever growing, expanding, reaching beyond
Feeding from love, through her roots,
Drinking deeply from the well of the heart
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