vendredi 13 mars 2009

Bridhe's Green Mantle

The fields have been ploughed
Fat brown Earth
Ready to receive the seeds
Look, a shimmer of green
Signs of life
A promise of colour
And delicate flavour
And fruit in the fullness of time

Trees and bushes everywhere
Seem to stretch
And reach for the sun
Their branches bulge with buds
Signs of life
A promise of colour
And delicate perfume
And fruit in the fullness of time

My heart also feels the touch
Of Bridhe's gentle hand
The hard crust, the protective shell
Will soon burst
Sign of new growth
A promise of colour
And delicate flavour
And fruit in the fullness of time

Deep within

Deep within me
Is the source of living water
Bright as sunlight
Liquid as molten nielo
Cool as the sea breeze
Eloquent as my son
Refreshing as brown beer
Soothing like Bridhe's hand
Nourishing my soul
Feeding my hunger
Teaching my heart
Carrying my thoughts
To Tir n'An Og
Forming the being of my Self
Keeping the baby safe
For the day of her birth


Not a sound, all is quiet
The world holds its breath
Ice keeps a firm grip
When, oh when will it release me?

Close your eyes
Stay by the fire
Pull your clothes tight

Can you hear minute cracks
Appearing in the ice
In your soul
In the world

Through the crack you see
Milky white
Flame red
Coal black
And a bright smile
To warm your heart
To feed your soul
And inspire your mind

vendredi 9 janvier 2009


Black branches brushing the blue sky
Last leaves replaced by cold crystals
Tiny twigs tremble under iridescent ice
Roots rolling in shimmering snow

Water whirling wildly downhill
Rocks resting under green glass
Midnight blue mingling mercury grey
Icy mist hovering over liquid silver

Fleeting footprints faintly visible
Hushed whispers hanging in the air
Silent sighs floating on a breeze
Weary wings stirring snow

Frozen world full of wonders
Frozen sky faintly shimmering
Frozen water flowing within
Frozen dreams of fairy gold
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